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While I would love people to listen to my music and lyrics, its more of a legacy, so my family and those I'll never meet get a better sense of what goes on with me when I'm not in business or family mode—how I really feel, which is easier to sing about in poetry that to just come out and say.


I love reflecting on my friends and family and telling the truth as I see it. I love being in the studio, as grueling as it is, 'cause I do it in a week and its over (well, not really because then there's all the rest of getting it together; ready to bring it to world).

It's like way too much of a good thing all at once.

Every time I do an album I think, "ok- I think I've said it all."

But it seems so far that I still have something else to say.

Todd at Wood and Stone Retreat 2015.jpg

"Todd Breck is a song whisperer. One gets the feeling that these songs weren't wrestled into being, but stroked and beguiled and seduced from the ether into the airwaves. They lope and roll like breakers onto the beach; inevitable and irresistably fun. Todd's lyrics and voice are gruff and imminently listenable. It's easy to imagine that these songs might be making the ghosts of Jerry Garcia and Gram Parsons smile."   --David Morreale

About Me

I have been singing since I was 5 or 6 in choir and glee club and continued thru college. While at Sewanee, a close friend and I started a well-received acapella group called the Tranquillizers. Around 8th grade, I found a discarded harmonica on the floor and have been playing my collection of them ever since, including on all my albums. I started playing guitar in college as accompaniment for singing Spanish duets and continued with guitar as my main process for writing music.


Eventually, I got a degree in physics and then, of course, headed back home where I worked in my father's construction company and was part of a group that started the 1st coffee house in Delaware called the Attic in 1961. After a couple of years, I made the decision to pursue a career as an architect / structural engineer/construction manager, along with some real estate development. Even though I was still writing songs, music took a back seat for a while as I was helping to raise a family with 2 amazing kids (now not kids) and eventually running my own business.


Finally, some 20 plus years ago, my friend Frank Baker and I realized that we didn't have enough music in our life and so we put it back in and began performing and founded the Whirled Peas Band. Recently, 3 of us (2 of us Peas) started 3ple, a trio of American Roots and original music. As Willy said, “The life I love is making music with my friends”.  

I attended the Wood and Stone Retreat in 2013, then the Songtravelers retreats also became a part of my yearly pilgrimage. I've written 4 albums and still have new tag lines, lyrics, and music coursing through my brain. Many of these songs were birthed at or triggered by the retreat gatherings. I seem to always have a song in process or in edit. Were it not for the retreats I don’t believe I'd have been so prolific— the gathering of like-minded friends is a powerful force-all nurturing each other. Let's see what happens next.


04_Infinity Hotel.mp3
05_My Last Dog.mp3
02_I Ain't Leavin Today.mp3
Twilight At Antietam.mp3



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